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Circumstances Always Change

We Can Assist You in Petitioning for a Modification..



After a final judgment is entered for a contested or uncontested divorce, it may seem as though nothing can be done to change it. There are instances, however, where an individual may be able to petition a modification based on a change in circumstances.

For example, if the judge enders a final judgment requiring one parent to make child support payments, but that spouse loses their job, they may be eligible for a child support modification. The same applies to spousal support orders. Other modifications could be for visitation or parenting time, where one spouse makes a petition to modify the final judgment so that they can benefit the life of their child through additional parenting and time together.


If you believe the judge made a wrong decision or that the judgment was the result of legal misconduct of any kind, you may be able to appeal your case to a higher court. If your appeal is accepted, a brief of your case will be viewed by the appellate judge to see if there was indeed misconduct and the modification could be entered. You could also request a modification of a divorce judgment due to a change in circumstance.

If you are no longer able to comply with the court orders issued you at the time of your divorce, do not hesitate to consult with a Punta Gorda divorce lawyer to assist you in petitioning for a modification. You must complete detailed documents and serve a copy of your request form to the other parent. Having a lawyer by your side could ensure that you take all the steps to necessary to obtain a successful modification.


Leskovich Law Group, P.A. could guide you through the detailed process of obtaining a modification, whether it is for child support, spousal support, visitation rights or parenting time. Your initial consultation is free, so call now to speak with a skilled member of our legal team. We work collaboratively on our clients’ cases to ensure the best possible representation and we provide the care and support that they need through this difficult time.

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