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How to think about child support in a divorce

When Florida parents get a divorce, arranging for child support may be necessary. It's important to remember that these payments are not taxable or tax-deductible. However, the parent who the child lives with more than half the time is usually permitted to claim a dependent on their taxes. This could result in some significant savings. Parents who share custody might agree to take turns with this claim.

What to do with tech in a divorce

When Florida couples decide to get a divorce, they may want to take some steps to protect themselves online. Many couples share passwords, so the first step should be changing each account. There are services that can help choose secure passwords and keep them safe.

Tax filings may hold the key to exposing secret cash in a divorce

Florida is home to many successful entrepreneurs, business owners, retirees and working professionals. However, it is also home to lots of couples who are considering divorce. When unpleasant factors come together in a high-asset separation, questions are bound to pop up regarding money and how it will be split. Unfortunately, divorce can bring out dishonesty in some spouses, leading to hidden bank accounts and secret spending.

Minimizing tension during divorce proceedings

An unhappy couple in Florida should understand how challenging a divorce can be. There are valid reasons why divorce is often compared to going to war. For example, couples may see negotiation during a divorce as a case of winning or losing. Instead of viewing negotiation as an opportunity to make an agreement, they may see it as a time for battle. Each side could get locked in their position and refuse to make any compromise.

Costly mistakes to avoid in a divorce

Knowing what financial mistakes are common during a divorce may help some estranged Florida couples avoid making them. Talking about personal issues on social media can be one error. After a man discussed his expensive vacation and closing a successful deal, his claim that he could not afford a proposed divorce settlement was less credible.

The importance of finding a new financial adviser after a divorce

When two people get married in Florida, one of them will usually become financially dependent on the other, placing their financial future in the hands of their significant other. However, when the same couple gets divorced, the dependent spouse has to face the fact that they are now responsible for themselves. Additionally, if both spouses want a clean break, then the dependent spouse should find a new financial adviser along with a new financial team, especially if the team both of them relied on during the marriage was found by the providing spouse.

Understanding the new alimony tax laws in 2019

Changing alimony rules may affect the way that people in Florida decide to divorce. In late 2017, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. One of the most significant aspects of the law is how it changes the way taxes treat spousal support. While the law was passed in 2017, the alimony changes do not go into effect until January 1, 2019. This caused many people to escalate their timelines and finalize their divorces in 2018 under the existing rules.

Divorcing spouses may face hidden financial challenges

Florida couples engaged in divorce proceedings already know how emotional a separation can be. However, many get caught off-guard by the hidden financial pitfalls that often come along with the dissolution of a marriage. There are a number of mistakes that divorcing couples make regarding personal finance and tax liabilities that can present monetary challenges for years after a divorce has been finalized.

Understanding property division in a "gray divorce"

More older Americans in Florida and across the country are considering divorce. In the past 20 years, divorce rates for Americans aged 50 and up have doubled, and this trend shows no sign of stopping. While divorce can be an appropriate choice at any age, these so-called "gray divorces" carry additional financial consequences. While retirement assets are an important part of property division in a divorce at any age, they become more critical the closer the couple gets to retirement age.

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