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How to think about child support in a divorce

When Florida parents get a divorce, arranging for child support may be necessary. It's important to remember that these payments are not taxable or tax-deductible. However, the parent who the child lives with more than half the time is usually permitted to claim a dependent on their taxes. This could result in some significant savings. Parents who share custody might agree to take turns with this claim.

How serious is a DUI?

From the time you were in high school and thinking about getting your driver's license, you probably heard warnings about the dangers of drinking and driving. Perhaps those warnings desensitized you to the problem. Maybe your friends convinced you that driving after drinking is no big deal and that a DUI is nothing to worry about.

Information is important when deciding on custody matters

Child custody is one of the most complex and difficult issues to address in a divorce. Whether you want to settle this matter through negotiations with the other parent or you believe that you will have to go court, it's beneficial to make sure you are fully informed and know about your rights and options. The final terms of your custody order will impact your family for years, and it's beneficial to proceed cautiously.

Jailing defendants prior to trial undermines justice

The typical criminal investigation by police in Florida includes the arrest of suspects. Law enforcement officers jail these people, who must then hope that they qualify for bail. Even when judges approve bail to release defendants, many people cannot afford it. They then linger in jail, sometimes for long periods of time, awaiting trial. For low-level offenses, they might languish behind bars for longer than a sentence for the crime. This situation empowers prosecutors who can gain guilty pleas in exchange for release from jail.

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