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3 leading reasons why women initiate 70% of divorces

According to the American Sociological Association, 70% of divorces happen because the women in the marriages want out. The reasons motivating these female-driven divorces in Florida involve career challenges, emotional labor and intolerance of bad behavior.

Many wives work jobs outside of the home, but household chores and responsibilities continue to burden them much more than their husbands even when both spouses work full time. Responses to a U.S. Bureau of Labor survey from 2019 revealed that 49% of women did domestic work every day whereas only 20% of men reported doing so. Outside of the issue of housework, husbands of women with flourishing careers sometimes feel distressed. In situations like these, women sometimes decide that they no longer need their marriages.

The problem with field sobriety tests

If a police officer pulls you over and suspects you of drunk driving, he or she will more than likely ask you to participate in field sobriety tests. If you choose to do so, you could end up giving the officer the probable cause needed to place you under arrest.

You should know that you aren't legally obligated to participate in these tests -- and for good reason. One-third of sober individuals will fail the tests. You read that right. People who have not had any alcoholic beverages can also fail these tests.

Strategies successful co-parents have used after a divorce

Raising children successfully after a divorce involves Florida parents using healthy co-parenting strategies to meet new challenges. Whether a couple was married for just a year or decades, they will navigate new waters as they deal with their own pain and help their children cope after a divorce.

The issues that led to a divorce can cause ex-spouses to have trouble communicating with each other. This may lead them to use their children as messengers. This could be damaging to the children and lead to messages being relayed incorrectly. It is more beneficial for the adults to speak directly to one another. Communicating through email or online tools can help to maintain peace and avoid misunderstandings.

Is your child's mental health a custody concern?

Having a child undoubtedly changed your world. You may have never known that you could love someone as much as you love your child and would never want anything to hurt him or her. Unfortunately, you and the other parent reached a point in your relationship where you no longer wanted to stay married. Now, you wonder how to reach the best custody arrangements.

In some cases, custody proceedings can become tense. You may feel like many other Florida parents who believe that sole custody would be best for your child for a variety of reasons. Of course, you also know that fighting for sole custody can be difficult.

Understanding finances in a marriage

According to a study by Fidelity Investments, most people recover emotionally and financially from divorce after about five years. Another finding was that the majority of people who did not have much involvement in the family finances regretted it in the divorce. Financial recovery was also more difficult for them. This kind of situation can be prevented, and there are steps people in Florida can take to protect themselves in the event of divorce or losing a spouse.

First, regardless of who handles the day-to-day finances in the home, both people should be informed. This means both spouses should look over tax returns and be aware of what is in retirement and bank accounts. Major financial decisions should be made jointly. Communication is also important. According to the Fidelity survey, 14% of people learned about hidden debt during the divorce process and 10% learned about hidden assets. Finally, people may want to consider getting a prenuptial agreement if they are not yet married. If they are already married, they may want to consider a postnuptial agreement. This may protect assets that people get after marriage, such as an inheritance.

The serious nature of first-degree murder charges

When someone dies because of the actions of another, the law calls this homicide. Homicide is not a death that occurs from natural causes or due to an accident, such as a fall, although not every homicide is a crime. However, there are numerous types of homicides, and investigators will make several important determinations before deciding whether to file charges against the person they believe is responsible for the death.

If you are facing accusations of first-degree murder, you are looking at the most serious degree of homicide. You are right to feel concerned about your future and the outcome of your case. The penalties for a conviction for first-degree murder are harsh, and your very life may be on the line.

Why January is a popular month for divorce

Florida residents might be surprised to learn that January is considered 'Divorce Month" by many legal professionals. It seems that many people wait until the holiday season has passed and then file for divorce. There are a number of reasons why this often happens. Some couples who have already decided that they are going to divorce may choose to hold things together for a few more months so as not to disrupt the holidays for friends, family members and especially their children.

Another reason to delay is that a couple may be on the verge of filing for divorce but think that they can work things out. The stress of the holiday season has a way of exacerbating relationship problems. Once the holiday season is finished, spouses realize that things aren't going to get any better and so they file for divorce.

Why engaged couples need to discuss finances and prenups

Most people want to focus on the excitement and joy that surrounds an engagement. However, for couples to be on the same page regarding issues that may come up during their marriage or even a future divorce, they have to discuss financial matters. Here are some reasons why newly engaged couples in Florida should discuss money and prenuptial agreements.

The sooner an engaged couple can discuss finances, the better. It will set expectations for both of them as to what they are looking to get out of the new financial partnership that they are forming. Discussing how money will be spent, saved and invested early in the relationship can save a couple a lot of stress later on.

How you can fight back against fraud charges

People often underestimate the serious nature of financial crimes, often called white collar crimes. Although financially motivated crimes lack an element of violence, the penalties associated with these infractions can be significant. One common type of financial crime is fraud, and if you are facing this type of charge, you would be wise to take your situation seriously.

Fraud is a term used to describe various different types of crime. All of them involve some type of deception or theft for financial gain. Fraud cases are complex, and they are difficult to investigate and prosecute. Due to the complexity of these cases and the serious nature of the penalties you could face, it is in your interests to seek experienced defense counsel as soon as possible.

Do you need an alternative to co-parenting?

If the thought of sitting down to a holiday dinner with your ex-spouse or going on vacation together makes you wince, you aren't alone. Co-parenting can take many forms, and this idealistic view of the process isn't for everyone. Divorcing parents tend to put too much pressure on themselves to meet the idealistic view of co-parenting since the media tends to focus on it.

Parenting your children post-divorce shouldn't be so stressful. You should have the freedom to enjoy your time with your children. For you, that may mean not co-parenting, but the problem is finding a viable alternative. If you need an alternative to co-parenting, keep reading.

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