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How you can fight back against fraud charges

People often underestimate the serious nature of financial crimes, often called white collar crimes. Although financially motivated crimes lack an element of violence, the penalties associated with these infractions can be significant. One common type of financial crime is fraud, and if you are facing this type of charge, you would be wise to take your situation seriously.

Fraud is a term used to describe various different types of crime. All of them involve some type of deception or theft for financial gain. Fraud cases are complex, and they are difficult to investigate and prosecute. Due to the complexity of these cases and the serious nature of the penalties you could face, it is in your interests to seek experienced defense counsel as soon as possible.

Do you need an alternative to co-parenting?

If the thought of sitting down to a holiday dinner with your ex-spouse or going on vacation together makes you wince, you aren't alone. Co-parenting can take many forms, and this idealistic view of the process isn't for everyone. Divorcing parents tend to put too much pressure on themselves to meet the idealistic view of co-parenting since the media tends to focus on it.

Parenting your children post-divorce shouldn't be so stressful. You should have the freedom to enjoy your time with your children. For you, that may mean not co-parenting, but the problem is finding a viable alternative. If you need an alternative to co-parenting, keep reading.

Top concerns women have after divorce

The United States has the third highest divorce rate in the world, and those who have gone through this process would agree that it is not easy. It seems to affect men and women in different ways. Florida residents may be interested in learning about the top concerns women have after divorce and how they deal with them.

The main concern that women will likely have after divorce is money. Studies reveal that women who worked before, during or after their marriage may see up to a 20% decrease in their income after divorce. Men, on the other hand, may experience an increase in their income. It is also more likely that women will live below the poverty line than men after a divorce.

Improving the co-parenting experience with a toxic ex

Co-parenting with a toxic person can be incredibly frustrating. Florida residents may be interested in learning how they can be a good parent, maintain their sanity, and ensure that their children have access to at least one responsible adult after a divorce.

It is important for a person to have two non-negotiables throughout the entire co-parenting experience. These are looking out for the best interests of their children and maintaining their own personal integrity. If a person can be committed to these two things, it will help them to better navigate their ex-spouse's efforts to throw them off course.

How could bail work in your case?

When police arrest a person, it can be difficult to know what will happen next, especially if it is the person's first run-in with the law. Someone may think that being arrested will mean that he or she will have to stay in jail or already face certain consequences, which can be true in some cases. However, if police take you into custody, it is likely for the judge to set a bail amount.

Bail essentially acts as a trade between you and the court. If the judge sets a bail amount and you pay it, you give the court money as your promise that you will return to court at a later time, and in exchange, the court releases you from jail.

How to divide investments in a divorce

A divorce can mean that Florida estranged couples may have a number of complex investments to divide. Since this can incur penalties and taxes if not done correctly, people in this situation may want to work with legal and financial professionals throughout this process. People who have not been very involved in their marital finances need to make sure they know what assets they have and how to get to them.

Some people may be concerned about a spouse making withdrawals or investments they do not agree with. It might be necessary to freeze some accounts until a decision has been made about how to divide property. For 401(k)s and 403(b)s, people will need a document called a qualified domestic relations order. This prevents people from accruing penalties and taxes when dividing these accounts in a divorce. The rules are different with an IRA. While there is no need for a QDRO, it is usually necessary to roll the distribution into a new account. People should also be aware that some retirement accounts will be taxed on distribution during retirement and some will not.

The downsides of community service

Some individuals in Florida are offered community service as an alternative to jail time when they are not able to pay court fees. While this may be a humane alternative, court-ordered community service seems to be having an especially negative impact on low-income communities and people of color.

One report involved 5,000 individuals in Los Angeles who had to work off fines over one year in Los Angeles. The study showed that when individuals complied with the community service orders, millions of hours were spent in unprotected and unpaid labor by individuals who are most likely to experience work instability or unemployment. Judges often order individuals to perform community service that equates to three weeks of full-time work.

Did an altercation leave you facing battery charges in Florida?

Many people end up having to defend themselves at some point in their lives. The defense may be in relation to a simple matter, such as untrue rumors or gossip, and in other cases, the situation may be more serious, such as if a person tries to attack another individual and that individual has to defend him- or herself. In the latter case, the scenario becomes much more complicated.

If you found yourself in a physical altercation with another individual, you may have felt that you acted in self-defense. However, when authorities came to the scene, they took you into custody. You may want to immediately assert your side of the situation, but it is likely that you will need to do that in court if formal battery charges come against you.

Do you believe sole custody is right for your child?

Wanting the best for your child is a common desire for parents in Florida and across the country. Of course, determining what is best is not an easy task, and in some cases, parents must make difficult decisions in the course of doing what they feel is right for their children. In your case, one tough decision may have involved choosing to pursue sole custody of your child during divorce.

Divorce can be difficult for children for a number of reasons, and many child advocates believe that keeping both parents in the children's lives as much as possible is often the best course of action. However, you know your child, your spouse and your personal situation better than anyone does. If you believe that sole custody is in the best interests of your child, you may want to prepare for your custody case.

Understanding why arrest rates have increased

Florida residents may be interested in learning why there is an increase in arrest rates although crime rates are continuing to decline. The answer is important because when a person gets arrested and convicted, they may face challenges that impact them for the rest of their life. Depending on the arrest and conviction, the result could be loss of employment, loss of housing or an inability to apply for certain governmental programs.

For some people, interactions with law enforcement can be dangerous, leading to injury or death. This is another reason why some are concerned about the uptick in the number of arrests. Statistics show that people living today are more likely to get arrested than previous generations. A larger number of Americans are being arrested by the time they are 26 than any generation before them.

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