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A conviction can create a lifetime of struggle

A criminal conviction is more than a fine and time behind bars. You may think that once you have completed your jail sentence that your life will go back to normal. However, this may be far from the truth. Even a simple DUI conviction can result in lifelong challenges in many areas of your life. A conviction for a felony or federal crime may seem to place roadblocks wherever you turn.

Tax filings may hold the key to exposing secret cash in a divorce

Florida is home to many successful entrepreneurs, business owners, retirees and working professionals. However, it is also home to lots of couples who are considering divorce. When unpleasant factors come together in a high-asset separation, questions are bound to pop up regarding money and how it will be split. Unfortunately, divorce can bring out dishonesty in some spouses, leading to hidden bank accounts and secret spending.

Minimizing tension during divorce proceedings

An unhappy couple in Florida should understand how challenging a divorce can be. There are valid reasons why divorce is often compared to going to war. For example, couples may see negotiation during a divorce as a case of winning or losing. Instead of viewing negotiation as an opportunity to make an agreement, they may see it as a time for battle. Each side could get locked in their position and refuse to make any compromise.

What will a DUI really cost you?

A DUI arrest may seem like the beginning of a long nightmare, and it may not be an exaggeration to feel this way. In addition to the legal process that may last for months, a conviction for DUI starts a whole new set of issues related to the penalties the court imposes.

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