Minimizing tension during divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Divorce

An unhappy couple in Florida should understand how challenging a divorce can be. There are valid reasons why divorce is often compared to going to war. For example, couples may see negotiation during a divorce as a case of winning or losing. Instead of viewing negotiation as an opportunity to make an agreement, they may see it as a time for battle. Each side could get locked in their position and refuse to make any compromise.

If a couple fails to approach divorce in a mature manner, they may find themselves hurting their future finances. A successful divorce is one where both parties are able to get past the “victory at all costs” mentality and are able to focus on negotiating and ending conflict. In order to do this, both parties need to go into the divorce understanding how things could go wrong and then take preemptive steps to prevent unwanted disasters.

The explosiveness of divorce usually creates collateral damage that may be felt by any children involved. Interestingly, a divorcing couple is in a unique position when it comes to avoiding conflict during negotiation. This is because for the years that they were together, each spouse has a learned what triggers the other. During negotiation, spouses will do well to ask themselves what went wrong during past discussions or arguments.

Thinking about these potential triggers in advance allows a divorcing couple to avoid circumstances that could lead to fights during the divorce process. If delicate topics need to be touched on, they can broach those in a way that will not lead to confrontation.

A family law attorney may be able to assist a client going through the divorce proceedings. Legal counsel could help a client draw up documents, work on child visitation schedules and offer advice on matters like shared accounts and property division laws.