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Improving the co-parenting experience with a toxic ex

Co-parenting with a toxic person can be incredibly frustrating. Florida residents may be interested in learning how they can be a good parent, maintain their sanity, and ensure that their children have access to at least one responsible adult after a divorce.

How could bail work in your case?

When police arrest a person, it can be difficult to know what will happen next, especially if it is the person's first run-in with the law. Someone may think that being arrested will mean that he or she will have to stay in jail or already face certain consequences, which can be true in some cases. However, if police take you into custody, it is likely for the judge to set a bail amount.

How to divide investments in a divorce

A divorce can mean that Florida estranged couples may have a number of complex investments to divide. Since this can incur penalties and taxes if not done correctly, people in this situation may want to work with legal and financial professionals throughout this process. People who have not been very involved in their marital finances need to make sure they know what assets they have and how to get to them.

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