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When does an assault charge become aggravated?

Most Florida residents find themselves in heated moments from time to time. You may have had an argument with a friend or co-worker, or you may have even found yourself sleeping on the couch after a fight with your spouse. In these situations, you likely had the ability to find a resolution after everyone calmed down.

Student loan debt and divorce property division

Many people in Florida are dealing with extensive student loan debt. In some cases, people decide to delay marriage, children or major purchases because they are struggling to pay off loans that can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. With the costs of college rising, many people have few options but to take out student loans to pursue education for their future careers. At the same time, divorce is a major financial event. The effects of the end of a marriage on a person's finances can last for years beyond the relationship. Couples dealing with student loan debt burdens may be concerned with how their loans are handled during the property division process.

Understanding Florida's per se DUI laws

Whether you are a native of Florida, you have retired here or you are visiting for vacation, you are probably well aware of the many opportunities for having a good time. You may prefer relaxing with a few friends and a bottle of wine or a more boisterous affair with loud music and a keg of beer.

Divorce property division for business owners

Florida business owners may have particular concerns to prioritize when they think about divorce. People who own small, closely held businesses may discover that their companies constitute the bulk of marital assets. They may be uncertain of how they can keep the business intact after the end of their marriage. After all, the financial effects of a divorce can linger long after the emotional and practical issues have been handled.

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