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Punta Gorda Attorneys Ensuring That You Receive The Treatment – And The Settlement – Amid Your Divorce That You Deserve

Leskovich Law Group, P.A. has more than two decades of experience and has represented thousands of clients across Southwest Florida. No matter what divorce issue you are facing, our legal team is prepared to work collectively on your case to provide the best possible strategy. As experienced litigators, we know the justice system and could aggressively defend your rights in divorce; however, this process is not easy and we could also provide the support and compassionate guidance that you need at this time.

Contact our office at Leskovich Law Group, P.A., in Punta Gorda, as soon as possible to ensure that your case receives the attention it deserves from a skilled attorney. Our legal team will strive to communicate clearly and often, and is not afraid to take your case to trial if necessary. Your attorney should also be sensitive and compassionate as you struggle through this emotional and stressful process, which is why our firm strives for caring and attentive service.

We can assist you in any of the following areas of divorce law:

  • Contested Divorce: When two spouses in a divorce case cannot come to a mutual agreement in any area, the divorce becomes contested and requires litigation before a judge.
  • Uncontested Divorce: There are alternatives to litigation in uncontested divorce. This can be achieved through mediation with the guidance of a neutral, third party attorney, or through collaborative law.
  • No-Fault Divorce: In Florida, a spouse who wishes to divorce does not have to prove their partner was at fault for the breakdown of their marriage. Under no-fault divorce laws, one spouse can seek to dissolve the marriage on the grounds that the union is irretrievably broken or due to mental incapacity.
  • Equitable Distribution: This process helps fairly distribute property and assets acquired between to two parties while married. Without skilled representation, parties could receive an unfair settlement.
  • Spousal Support: If one spouse depended on the other for financial support while married, they could receive monthly spousal support payments after divorce. Temporary support grants them financial support for a length of time or until they are able to support themselves.
  • Child Support: A child deserves the support of both their parents, even after a divorce. This is why a non-custodial parent may be required by the court to make monthly payments to the custodial parent, to be used for the support of the child’s health, education, and care.

When To Initiate The Divorce Process In Florida

Because the divorce process is so stressful and emotionally taxing, it is likely that you have put it off as long as possible, especially if children are involved. Waiting too long can also be damaging, however, especially if your relationship with your spouse is emotionally or physically abusive. Do not hesitate to get quality counsel from a Punta Gorda divorce lawyer right way if you want to obtain marriage dissolution.

There are countless details that must be considered before jumping into the process of divorce. If children are involved, you must take their best interest into account regarding custody and support. Your financial situation will be affected after your marriage is dissolved, which means you must organize your accounts and finances to ensure that you are prepared for the separation. Basically, the sooner you begin getting things in order, the smoother and quicker you will be able to finalize your divorce.

The legal team at Leskovich Law Group, P.A. could counsel and assist you in all of these areas. By planning ahead, you may even be able to avoid divorce litigation in a contested case and work things out with your spouse so that you can pursue uncontested divorce. If so, our firm could provide certified mediation or counsel you through collaborative law. We could also help you complete all necessary paperwork and gather the evidence needed to prove your financial state for the sake of equitable distribution, as well as spousal support.

Contact A Divorce Attorney From Our Office Today

Contact Leskovich Law Group, P.A. right away if you are filing for divorce in the Punta Gorda area. The sooner you retain an excellent divorce lawyer, the more time and effort can be put into your case. We want nothing more than to help you obtain the settlement or divorce agreement that you deserve.

Call 941-621-6623 or fill out our free online case evaluation form to get started. Our attorneys could provide the quality legal support and guidance that you need.