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Punta Gorda Criminal Defense Lawyers

In the state of Florida, burglary is a felony as described in § 810.02, Fla. Stat. (2012). The crime is committed by entering a dwelling, structure or conveyance with the intent to commit a crime inside, unless they are licensed or invited to enter. Even with such license or invitation, if a person is requested to leave and refuses to do so with criminal intent, burglary can still be charged against them.

The felony offense can also be committed in three degrees as follows:.

  • First degree burglary: Involves assault and battery; being armed with explosives or a dangerous weapon; damage to the structure using a vehicle other than a getaway vehicle; and/or damage to the structure in excess of $1,000. Imprisonment up to 30 years and a fine of $10,000; or a life sentence
  • Second degree burglary: Involves no assault, battery, or deadly weapons, but involves entering or remaining in a dwelling of any kind; a structure or conveyance where a person is present; an authorized emergency vehicle; or a structure with the intent of committing a crime involving a controlled substance. Imprisonment for up to 15 years and a fine of $10,000
  • Third degree burglary: Involves entering or remaining in a structure or conveyance that is not a dwelling and where no other person is present. Imprisonment for five years and a fine of $5,000

Defense Strategies for Burglary Charges in Florida

If you have been accused of burglary, your charges could be fought on the grounds that you did not intend to commit a crime at the time you entered the building or after you were requested to leave. Even if you cannot obtain a dismissal of your charges, they could be reduced to petty theft or shoplifting by proving that you had no intent of committing a crime at the time of entrance or remaining in the building.

Fight Your Charges Today

Don’t hesitate to contact the offices of Leskovich Law Group, P.A. today if you have been accused of committing burglary. Our Punta Gorda criminal defense firm has over 35 years of legal experience and is prepared to approach your defense in an open minded and proactive manner. Our attorneys will work together to create a personalized and effective strategy to vigorously fight for a dismissal of your burglary charges.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation with a Punta Gorda criminal lawyer to learn more about our firm and about what we could do in your defense. .