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Child molestation is defined as forced penetration of the sexual organs of a minor, whether by the offenders sexual organs or by foreign object in order to gain sexual stimulation. In Florida State law, an act of child molestation may be charged as sexual battery on a child. Elements of this sexual battery statute include the attempt of, or successful commission of child molestation in addition to causing injury to the victims’ sexual organs.

These are serious charges, and accused individuals should seek the assistance of a Punta Gorda criminal defense lawyer or potentially face a criminal trial without adequately preparing for their defense. Leskovich Law Group, P.A. has extensive knowledge in all matters of sex crimes including child molestation and child pornography, and can play a valuable role in your pursuit of an effective criminal defense.

Penalties for Child Molestation

There are a variety of penalties associated with sexual battery of a child in Florida, depending on the details of the alleged offense. Sexual battery with injury committed against a minor under the age of 12 is a life felony for those under 18, and is punishable by life imprisonment or a split sentence of at least 25 years in prison followed by probation or community control for the rest of the life of the convicted individual.

For those 18 and older, the same offense may result in a capital felony which will impose a sentence of death, or at best, life in prison with no chance of parole. First degree felonies are filed in cases that are believed to involve a victims’ helplessness, coercion, threats, administration of intoxicating substances, incapacitation, mental disability or if the accused offender is an officer of the law, correctional officer or probation officer.

First degree felony convictions carry prison terms up to 30 years or life in some cases. Committing sexual battery on a minor aged 12 to 17 without consent or with physical force may be convicted of a second degree felony, which can lead to a life behind bars for up to 15 years.

Charged with molestation in Punta Gorda?

The stigma that surrounds child molestation charges can be very difficult to shake, and may have an impact on the process of getting a fair trial. As an experienced criminal defense group in Southwest Florida, Leskovich Law Group, P.A. is skilled at overcoming the inherent bias in sex crime cases to pursue what is of vital importance: your freedom. Our firm has worked with clients in a wide range of criminal cases including sex crimes like statutory rape, child pornography and prostitution.

As a respected client, you will come to learn that our firm is focused and dedicated. We will do everything possible to build your defense from a logical place, offering compelling defense arguments to cast doubt on the charges you face. With over 35 years of experience in the field, our firm can be trusted to have your freedom and your interests at the forefront of any actions we take.

Contact our firm if you are preparing for a potential child molestation charge and want to discuss your options with a qualified legal professional.