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Helping Fathers And Mothers With The Florida Paternity Process

As a parent seeking divorce, there are numerous extra issues that must be addressed, such as child support, visitation, and parenting time. Failing to address these legal issues correctly or aggressively could result in an unsatisfactory settlement that restricts your access to and time with your child. This is particularly true if paternity has not been established, since your rights as the child’s parent may be severely affected.

Ways To Establish Paternity In Florida

There are five different ways in which paternity can be established in Florida:

  • Marriage: You and the child’s other parent were married at the time the child was born
  • Acknowledgement of Paternity: Unmarried parents sign this document in the hospital or afterward
  • Genetic Testing: DNA testing that proves fatherhood
  • Court Order: A judge established paternity in the courtroom
  • Legitimation: The mother and father get married after the child is born and update the birth certificate

How Paternity Affects Fathers

As the father of a child, you have equal rights in divorce regarding your children. Although the court will take the child’s best interest into account, you will receive equal consideration with the child’s mother as long as paternity has been established. If you are not yet established as the child’s legal father, you may lose any chance of obtaining custody or support for your children after your marriage is dissolved.

At Leskovich Law Group, P.A., in Punta Gorda, we can help you sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity, pursue genetic testing, or obtain a court order from a judge.

Helping Mothers Establish Paternity

As a mother, establishing the paternity of your child’s father is necessary in order to receive child support. Often, fathers try to avoid establishing paternity so that they can get out of the financial responsibility of support their son or daughter. If this is so, you could request genetic testing or obtain a court order from a judge in order to establish the legal father and obtain the support you deserve.

On the other hand, you may want someone else to be established as the legal father besides the natural father. These situations are complicated and require excellent legal assistance.

Consult With A Florida Paternity Lawyer Today

Leskovich Law Group, P.A. has represented thousands of individuals over the past 25 years and has extensive experience in divorce and family law cases.

Schedule an appointment to speak with a member of our team today for a free evaluation to discuss your options regarding paternity. We care for each of our clients’ cases and will do everything we possibly can to ensure that you obtain fathers’ rights through the establishment of paternity.

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