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A Parent’s Relationship With Their Child Is Precious. Our Punta Gorda Attorneys Can Help Fight The Harmful Effects Of Parental Alienation.

Family court cases are especially complex when children are involved, and in some cases parents try to use their children as tools during their divorce or custody proceedings. Parental alienation occurs when one parent turns their child against the other parent to get back at them or in an attempt to obtain full custody.

This harmful behavior can severely damage a child’s relationship with their parents and cause them to feel very overwhelmed or stressed. Regardless of the specifics of the situation, parents should not use their children as tools during court proceedings or expose them to degrading language about their other parent.

What Are The Signs Of Parental Alienation?

At Leskovich Law Group, P.A., we understand that a parent’s relationship with their child is precious, which is why parental alienation is so painful and destructive. If your relationship with your child has worsened recently and you have noticed that your child is behaving in a strange or different way towards you, they could be suffering from parental alienation syndrome. It is imperative to address the issue at once to prevent further damage to your relationship and to protect your child.

Your child could be exhibiting the signs of parental alienation if they:

  • Suddenly avoids you or becomes withdrawn for no apparent reason
  • Feels guilty if they are loving toward you
  • Becomes very antagonistic in their treatment of you
  • Makes unfounded and wild accusations against you
  • Treats you cruelly and is proud or shows no remorse for this behavior
  • Announces they hate your relatives or withdraws from them for no apparent reason
  • Lacks independent thinking
  • Parrots your former partner’s opinions
  • Uses mature or complicated phrases to explain why they don’t want to spend time with you
  • Is fiercely protective of your former partner
  • Begins to blame you for not being with their other parent

Is Your Child Exhibiting Parental Alienation Syndrome?

If you believe you are the victim of parental alienation because of your former partner’s actions, it is important that you speak with a Punta Gorda divorce attorney as soon as possible.

Leskovich Law Group, P.A. has more than 50 years of experience in divorce and custody cases in Florida, and we can help you fight the harmful effects of parental alienation syndrome. We can bring the other parent’s behavior before the court and seek to protect your relationship with your child through increased visitation time or modification to your custody arrangement.

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No matter the circumstances, our team can provide you with powerful advocacy and pursue beneficial changes to your parenting plan so that you receive more time with your child. Contact a Punta Gorda divorce lawyer today to discuss your options to fight parental alienation and repair your relationship with your child.

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