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Our Punta Gorda Team Has Extensive Experience In Divorce Mediation and Collaboration. Let Us Help With Your Contested Divorce.

When people think of divorce, they think of an ugly argument between spouses in the courtroom. Although this is the case in some situations, divorce does not have to be such a terrible process. Many couples are able to avoid divorce litigation and unpleasant courtroom battles by choosing to come to a settlement through uncontested divorce.

One way of pursuing litigation alternative is through mediation. This option allows the two spouses to negotiate a settlement outside of a courtroom with the guidance and oversight of a mediator. The mediating attorney does not counsel or represent either party, but rather assists each through the legal process of negotiating the settlement.

Each party has the option of retaining a consulting attorney to advise them in their decisions, but the mediating attorney remains a neutral third party. Once the two parties come to an agreement, a settlement will be drafted and presented before a judge. If a settlement cannot be reached, the divorce becomes contested and requires litigation.

The second alternative is collaborative law. This allows both parties in divorce to negotiate outside of the courtroom without the necessity of a mediator. Each party has their own consulting attorney, but the spouses come to terms and draft their settlement without a third-party mediator. The draft is then presented before a judge to be entered.

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