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Experienced Child Support Attorneys In Punta Gorda

As a parent, you want to make sure your child is adequately cared for after a divorce. One way of doing so is by obtaining a court order for child support. When two parents get a divorce and one of them is given custody, the other parent could be required by the court to make monthly payments to the custodial parent for the child’s care and education. This way the child does not suffer unnecessarily due to the separation of their parents. Child support orders can also be granted to a parent who never married, but has custody of the child and requires support.

Temporary And Permanent Child Support Orders In Florida

  • Temporary child support orders can be obtained before a divorce is finalized. This way the parent that is taking care of the child can receive financial support while separated and awaiting final settlement. Once a temporary order is granted, the focus can shift to obtaining a permanent order from the judge.
  • Permanent child support orders require the supporting parent to make monthly payments for a certain length of time, or until the child graduates high school / turns 18. The latter can be obtained through a divorce proceeding, or by a parent who is not married who files for support with the court.

Understanding Parenting Time In Florida

Such orders are closely connected with the parenting plan that must be drafted during your divorce proceedings. This includes parenting time or “visitation,” which allows each parent a certain amount of time to spend with their child on a regular basis, particularly for non-custodial parents who only get to see their child during the times listed in the parenting plan.

You and your child’s other parent could negotiate these terms on your own through mediation or collaborative law, or you could fight for them in court through litigation, such as in a contested divorce case. Either way, your best chance at obtaining fair child support lies in your choice of a Punta Gorda divorce lawyer.

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By speaking with a member of our Florida legal team as soon as possible, you could significantly raise your chances of obtaining the support you need for your child. Likewise, our firm could fight to prevent you from being required to pay an unfair amount of support, or we could assist you with support modifications.

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