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Understanding Divorce Mediation In Florida

Divorce can be obtained in more ways than one:

  • Contested divorce, where the two spouses cannot agree on areas of the settlement, requires litigation.
  • On the other hand, uncontested divorce allows the spouses to reach an agreement through negotiation outside of the courtroom. One way of doing so is through mediation, where a certified attorney acts as a neutral third party to guide you and your spouse through the necessary legal steps. You will negotiate the terms for areas such as child and spousal support, draft a full divorce agreement, and present it before a judge for entry

The mediation process does not allow for representation, since there is no litigation involved. Instead, each party may retain a family law attorney for counsel, but will make all decisions on their own. Mediation can also be required by a judge in a contested divorce case if he or she believes that the couple could come to an agreement regarding one area of their settlement, such as visitation or time-sharing. Once a decision is agreed upon, the couple will present their agreement to the judge and litigation will continue regarding the remaining areas of their settlement.

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