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Hire a Child Custody Attorney in Punta Gorda

Retain an Excellent Punta Gorda Divorce Attorney to Fight for Custody.



When a divorce involves children, the proceeding can become more complicated. It must be decided which of the two parents will be granted custody, or if they will both have such rights. Unmarried parents can also obtain court orders regarding the custody of their children. Custody has several variations: a parent can be granted sole custody, or both parents could share joint custody. These two options apply to both physical custody and legal custody.

Types of Child Custody

  • Physical custody involves which parent the child will live with.
    If one parent is granted sole custody, the child will not be allowed to live with the other parent, though parenting time (visitation) may be granted. If joint physical custody is decided, then the child will be able to split their time between both parents’ residences, such as living with one parent during the week and living with the other on the weekends. This is known as time-sharing and must be included in the parenting plan required by the state of Florida when a divorce involves children.
  • Legal custody grants one or both parents the right to make life decisions for their child.
    If one parent receives sole custody, the other parent has no legal right to make decisions regarding their child’s health, education, or anything else. Joint legal custody requires that both parents agree upon a decision before it can be acted upon. This can be problematic when disagreements arise, but it allows both parents to have a say in their child’s future.


Another problem that can arise that involves child custody is relocation. If one parent desires to relocate and take their child with them, it can interfere with the terms listed in the parenting plan regarding time-sharing or parenting time. If the parents live too far apart, time-sharing and joint physical custody situations can be affected. Even if one parent has sole custody, orders for parenting time could be affected by relocation. If you are hoping to relocate with your child, or if you ex is trying to move and take your child with them, get legal help immediately.


The best decision you can make to ensure that your child is properly cared for after your divorce is to retain an excellent Punta Gorda divorce attorney to fight for custody. Even if you are not granted custody, a skilled lawyer could fight for a fair time-sharing plan so that you can remain an important influence and part in your child’s life.

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