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Arrested For A Subsequent DUI? Our Punta Gorda DUI Defense Attorneys Are Here To Help.

In the state of Florida a driver faces increased penalties for each subsequent drunk driving arrest within 10 years. If you are charged with intoxicated driving and already have one or more prior DUI convictions on your record, it’s important to enlist experienced representation as soon as possible.

Our skilled Punta Gorda criminal defense lawyers at Leskovich Law Group, P.A. can build a compelling case that seeks reduced charges or penalties and aggressively protect your rights and interests.

Penalties For Second, Third, Or Fourth DUI In Florida

Sentencing for DUI convictions in Florida depend upon the driver’s prior record and the circumstances involved in the incident. The possible penalties for driving under the influence include the following:

Second DUI (Misdemeanor)

  • Fines of $1,000 to $2,000
  • Incarceration for as long as 9 months
  • Driver’s license revocation for 180 days to 1 year

Third DUI (Felony)

  • Fines of $2,000 to $5,000
  • Incarceration for a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 1 year
  • Driver’s license revocation for a minimum of 10 years

Fourth or Subsequent DUI (Felony)

  • Fines of a minimum of $2,000
  • Incarceration for up to 5 years
  • Mandatory permanent driver’s license revocation

Your sentencing can be affected by any aggravating factors involved in the incident, such as if you caused  injury or death to a victim, if a minor was in the vehicle, or if your BAC was higher than .15%.

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Leskovich Law Group, P.A. is an experienced criminal defense firm that provides every client with outstanding defense counsel. We understand that conviction for multiple DUIs will seriously impact your finances, freedom, and future, and our firm can aggressively challenge the charges brought against you.

Contact a Punta Gorda DUI lawyer at our offices today to discuss your defense options and to learn more about the benefits of enlisting our proven legal team. Call 941-621-6623 or send an email.