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Punta Gorda Criminal Lawyers Defending White Collar Crime Charges

Criminal charges can have a detrimental effect on anyone’s life, no matter their profession or station in life. Such charges can be even more devastating, however, for a person who holds a place of high standing in the business world, especially if their alleged offense is directly related to their profession.

White collar crimes are those committed by high-standing businesspersons who have been given a position of responsibility over the finances, property, or assets of another – such as bankers, lawyers or accountants – and generally involve economic crimes. These offenses are generally felonies, which means that the penalty will involve a prison sentence; however, businesspersons who are convicted of economic white collar crimes may also be prohibited for life from having any responsibility over another’s finances.

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Types Of White Collar Offenses


A person is guilty of embezzlement when, without the permission of the owner, they take property or assets that have been entrusted to their care and use them for their personal gain. This crime is treated as theft and can be a first, second, or third degree felony under § 812.014, Fla. Stat. (2012), depending on the value or amount of the embezzled property.


In the corporate world, there are numerous fraud offenses that can be committed. Some of these include making false entries on books of corporation (§ 817.15), forgery and counterfeiting (Chapter 831), and communications fraud (§ 817.034), though there are many other forms of fraud that can be a white collar crime.

Money Laundering

This crime is committed when a person moves illegally-obtained assets between multiple financial institutions in an attempt to disguise the illegal origins of said assets. In Chapter 108 of the Florida Statutes, the state has outlawed the transfer of more than $10,000 for trade or business without a report, in order to discourage money laundering.

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