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Federal Charges Differ From Florida State Charges. Let Our Experienced Punta Gorda Defense Team Work to Reduce Your Charges Today.

When someone is charged for a crime, the crime is usually brought forth by the state. The crimes are often handled at the county level that represents the state as a whole. With more severe crimes, one can be charged for having committed a crime against the United States – these are called federal crimes. Federal law enforcement agencies like the DEA, IRS, and FBI usually track and handle these crimes.

A few examples of crimes committed at the federal level include:

Do I Really Need A Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you are charged with a federal offense, it is mostly likely a felony. Felony convictions come with a large set of life-changing consequences. Not only with you serve a lengthy sentence in federal prison and spend decades paying off hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, but you are ripped of your right to vote and participate in the American democracy, and finding employment or obtaining a loan will forever be difficult.

If you are facing such a situation, contact a team with decades of criminal defense experience to represent you.

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Your first meeting with our firm is completely free and confidential, meaning that there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. After we have obtained a superficial understanding of your case, we can then present you with your options and take measures toward regaining your freedom and acquitting the charges. Your success in this pursuit does depend heavily on your choice of attorney, as may will simply try and take a deal instead of trying to have the charges dismissed altogether.

We have over 50 years of collective experience and know how to help you.

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