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Need Help With Child Custody And Relocation In Florida? Our Punta Gorda Family Law Attorneys Can Help.

Florida law recognizes the importance of a child having a relationship with both parents, which is part of why the state follows strict guidelines on relocation. If a parent wishes to move with a minor child to a new residence 50 or more miles away on a permanent basis for 60 consecutive days or longer, the relocating parent must provide the non-relocating parent with advance notice. The non-relocating parent then has the right to agree to or contest the move. If the non-relocating parent decides to contest the move, they must file a notice with the family court. The relocating parent must then obtain the permission of the court before they can relocate with the child.

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Contested Relocation Cases

If parents cannot reach an agreement on the intended move, the family court will hold a preliminary hearing. The judge may then issue a temporary order that either grants or denies the relocation request until a final hearing can be held. At the final hearing, the judge will review all evidence presented by both parties, consider the relocating parent’s reasons for seeking relocation, and assess a number of other factors. The court’s main concern is the well-being and best interests of the child, so they will do what they think is most beneficial for the minor.

After the hearing, the judge will issue an order for a parenting plan that outlines each parent’s schedule with the child, and the judge will also rule on whether the relocation request will be granted or denied. If a parent moves away with a minor child without giving proper advance notice or after the other parent has filed a notice to contest the relocation, the relocating parent could face serious consequences. The parent who moved with the child could be ordered to return the child immediately and lose partial or complete custody rights.

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