Can suggesting a prenuptial agreement ruin an engagement?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Prenuptial Agreements

Getting engaged is usually exciting and romantic. People look forward to a wedding celebrating their marriage with their loved ones. They may also romanticize the idea of spending the rest of their lives together. Someone newly engaged is often eager to share the tale of the proposal with their closest friends and family members.

While there is a romantic element to an engagement, it is also a practical agreement. Spouses typically share income and resources with one another. They also have responsibilities to one another. Those concerned about the legal obligations of marriage might consider requesting a prenuptial agreement.

Can bringing up a prenuptial agreement potentially damage an engagement?

Acceptance of prenups is on the rise

Prenuptial agreements were at one time relatively rare. However, they have become increasingly common in recent decades. Millennials and younger generations recognize how valuable prenuptial agreements can be, and a growing portion of these younger age groups agree to sign contracts prior to marriage to protect themselves in case they ever divorce.

Those preparing for marriage may find that their fiancés are receptive to the idea of signing a prenuptial agreement because they view it as a practical form of protection. Even when a fiancé is hesitant at first, the benefits of drafting a prenuptial agreement might convince them to sit down and negotiate.

Prenuptial agreements help people clarify what they expect from marriage. They can allow people to protect certain resources, such as the home where they live or an inheritance. They can also take some of the risk out of someone choosing to have children or make certain financial commitments to their spouse.

Many couples find that the process of negotiating a prenuptial agreement actually strengthens the relationship and helps them start out the marriage with shared goals and expectations. One fiancé may want to bring the idea up and then give their partner time to consider the idea before pushing forward with an in-depth discussion about a marital contract.

While people sometimes balk at the idea of a prenuptial agreement initially, having a conversation with a fiancé can be a smart decision. Clarifying what people expect from a relationship and in the event of a divorce can be good for the longevity of a relationship instead of harming it.