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Understanding finances in a marriage

According to a study by Fidelity Investments, most people recover emotionally and financially from divorce after about five years. Another finding was that the majority of people who did not have much involvement in the family finances regretted it in the divorce. Financial recovery was also more difficult for them. This kind of situation can be prevented, and there are steps people in Florida can take to protect themselves in the event of divorce or losing a spouse.

Why January is a popular month for divorce

Florida residents might be surprised to learn that January is considered 'Divorce Month" by many legal professionals. It seems that many people wait until the holiday season has passed and then file for divorce. There are a number of reasons why this often happens. Some couples who have already decided that they are going to divorce may choose to hold things together for a few more months so as not to disrupt the holidays for friends, family members and especially their children.

Why engaged couples need to discuss finances and prenups

Most people want to focus on the excitement and joy that surrounds an engagement. However, for couples to be on the same page regarding issues that may come up during their marriage or even a future divorce, they have to discuss financial matters. Here are some reasons why newly engaged couples in Florida should discuss money and prenuptial agreements.

Top concerns women have after divorce

The United States has the third highest divorce rate in the world, and those who have gone through this process would agree that it is not easy. It seems to affect men and women in different ways. Florida residents may be interested in learning about the top concerns women have after divorce and how they deal with them.

How to divide investments in a divorce

A divorce can mean that Florida estranged couples may have a number of complex investments to divide. Since this can incur penalties and taxes if not done correctly, people in this situation may want to work with legal and financial professionals throughout this process. People who have not been very involved in their marital finances need to make sure they know what assets they have and how to get to them.

When parents can't afford child support

Child support orders in Florida are typically based on the income of the non-custodial parent. However, many people experience serious changes to their financial situation after a child support order is already in place. Some believe that people fall behind on child support because they don't care about their kids, but many actually struggle to make ends meet and cannot afford the monthly payments. When people lose their jobs, become disabled or move out of state, they may face difficulties keeping up with their mandated support payments. As a result, they may face wage garnishment or even a threat of jail.

The many costs associated with divorce

Florida spouses who are going through a divorce should think about the financial impact of separating. While ending a marriage may be necessary, it's important to go over one's current financial situation before starting the process. This is because it may be necessary to divide debt as well as positive assets such as a house or retirement account. Therefore, being proactive could make it easier to structure a settlement that's in a person's best interest.

Divorce and social media: A few things to consider

Many Florida residents have social media accounts and frequently interact with online friends. However, an internet acquaintance is not necessarily the same thing as a personal friend. Divorce is difficult enough without getting social media involved. That's why couples headed toward divorce should take precautions when posting on social media, especially if they have young children.

Children of divorce need support and understanding

Whether they grow up in Florida or any other state, children can experience both short and long-term trauma after their parents get divorced. However, parents can take steps to help their kids adjust to their new circumstances in a positive and healthy manner. For instance, parents can make time to listen to what their children have to say and validate their feelings. This is important whether those feelings are positive or negative.

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