New study shows increase in young adult arrests

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Younger Americans in Florida and across the United States are being arrested more often than older adults. The statistics come from a study done by researchers at the RAND Corporation using surveys from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. Over 5,000 families were surveyed as part of the study; 35,000 of the study participants were over the age of 50.

Researchers found that the increases in both arrest rates and convictions were tied to lower hourly wages, fewer weeks of work, a decrease in the probability of being married and lower family incomes. Age, however, had the largest correlation with the arrest rate. The study found that Americans between the ages of 26 and 35 were almost four times as likely to be arrested than those over the age of 66.

Though arrest and conviction rates increased among all gender groups and ethnicities, the rate for white men to be arrested almost tripled when compared to the rate in past years. Additionally, the rate of female arrests increased. Black men were still more likely to be arrested during their youth than white men at 33 percent versus 22 percent, respectively. Researchers also looked at the negative effects that being arrested has on young people: Individuals with an arrest record make an average of $13,000 less per year and are less likely to be married.

Criminal convictions can affect every aspect of a person’s life both in the present and in the future. When a younger adult is arrested, they may have a difficult time with employment and education opportunities. A criminal defense lawyer may help ensure that a person who has been detained isn’t denied any of their rights and receives fair treatment. In some cases, prosecutors might try to convince a young adult to give a confession to a crime that he or she didn’t commit. A lawyer may be able to show that there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest their client, clearing or reducing the charges.