What to do with tech in a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2019 | Divorce

When Florida couples decide to get a divorce, they may want to take some steps to protect themselves online. Many couples share passwords, so the first step should be changing each account. There are services that can help choose secure passwords and keep them safe.

Whether or not they share passwords, many couples share devices. All personal information should be removed from these as well. Couples may want to reset these devices to factory settings once each of them has taken anything off that they want. Information that should be removed might include tax returns, bank statements, and private messages. People should also protect their social media accounts. Some people may want to delete them altogether and open new ones that are locked down for maximum privacy. They may also want to delete any old posts that could cause problems during the divorce.

Parents who are divorcing can get help from apps that help them keep track of the custody and visitation schedule and plan meetings. Apps can perform functions like filtering out hostile language or providing a record that can be used in court if necessary.

While protecting electronic privacy is important, people should be aware that they are required to be forthcoming about their finances during the discovery phase of the process. They should also be careful about how they handle any shared financial accounts. It is generally a good idea to close these, but this needs to be done together. An act like taking all the money out of a shared bank account and closing it could be construed as trying to hide or control assets and might make negotiations over property division more difficult. Many couples are able to successfully negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement without going to court, and litigation remains an option if necessary.