Florida woman faces DUI charge

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | DUI Defense

According to authorities in Florida, a woman tried to place a wager on how high her blood alcohol content was after being detained for driving while impaired. The 62-year-old was found near The Villages retirement community where she lived after police received a report of an intoxicated female at a fire station. After taking the woman out of her Acura, officers placed her in a police car and took her to a local jail.

Officers believed that the woman was intoxicated because she had bloodshot eyes and was slurring her speech. Police also said that there was a strong scent of alcohol coming from her breath. The woman would later submit breath samples that determined her blood alcohol content to be .229% and .210%. The legal blood alcohol limit in Florida is .08%. She reportedly told the operator of the Breathalyzer machine that she would blow at least a .190%.

In addition to the drunk driving charge, she faces a charge of resisting a police officer after initially refusing to be taken to jail. She was eventually released from custody after posting a $3,000 bond. This was not the first time that the woman had been charged with DUI as she was convicted of the crime in 2015.

Individuals who are charged with drunk or impaired driving have the right to consult with a DUI defense attorney. An attorney may be able to review physical or other types of evidence in a case and create a strategy to refute it. For instance, it might be possible to get the results of a chemical test or witness statement thrown out. This could result in a favorable plea bargain that calls for a fine or probation instead of jail time.