Traits and behaviors that could result in divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Divorce

Every marriage in Florida involves two people who both need to make efforts to sustain the relationship and control negative personality impulses. Bad habits or personality traits if left unrecognized or uncontrolled could eventually motivate people to file for divorce.

Although it might appear counterintuitive, compulsive care giving has the potential to undermine a relationship. A person who gives too much to a relationship might actually be trying to control the relationship. In the view of one clinical psychologist, compulsive care giving could communicate that the person sees nothing of value in the other partner. The over-giver might actually isolate a spouse and stunt intimacy.

The avoidance of arguments represents another risky behavior. It tends to backfire against people trying to prevent conflict. A relationship expert attributed this behavior to people who lack the skills to resolve problems with their partner. Unhappiness could result and the relationship might stagnate.

Fragile egos also play a part in ending some marriages because people might look outside of their relationships for comfort. Their insecurities might eventually lead to infidelity.

Someone with a narcissistic personality typically faces a high risk of divorce because of a tendency to ignore reality. Instead of being realistic about a dispute, a narcissist plays the victim. Relationship experts warn that narcissists could have an inflated sense of self that prevents taking responsibility for behavior.

A combination of internal and external pressures might make people grow apart. Regardless of the reasons for seeking a divorce, a person will still need to interact with the family court system to complete the action. Legal representation might be appropriate when someone prepares to mediate a settlement or litigate a divorce dispute. An attorney might strive to protect a person’s right to a share of marital property and access to children.