Do you believe sole custody is right for your child?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Child Custody & Visitation

Wanting the best for your child is a common desire for parents in Florida and across the country. Of course, determining what is best is not an easy task, and in some cases, parents must make difficult decisions in the course of doing what they feel is right for their children. In your case, one tough decision may have involved choosing to pursue sole custody of your child during divorce.

Divorce can be difficult for children for a number of reasons, and many child advocates believe that keeping both parents in the children’s lives as much as possible is often the best course of action. However, you know your child, your spouse and your personal situation better than anyone does. If you believe that sole custody is in the best interests of your child, you may want to prepare for your custody case.

Taking it to court

Unless the other parent willingly gives you custody of your child, you will likely end up in court. To avoid the courtroom, you and the other parent would have to agree on custody terms, and it is not uncommon for parents to fight when one wants sole custody. As a result, you will need to prepare to make your case to the court as to why your desired arrangement would be best.

When it comes to presenting your case to the court, you will need to provide sufficient evidence that sole custody would be better than joint custody. You may need to present documentation showing that your child acts differently around the other parent, such as showing aggression, anger or fear. You may also need to prove that you are the better parent by understanding the better-parent standard. Additionally, though this is not a criminal matter, you may still want to enlist witnesses who can vouch for your parenting abilities.

Make sure it is the right decision

Though you may know in your heart that sole custody is the best arrangement, you need to make sure that your outside environment also reflects that idea. For instance, you need to ensure that you have proper living arrangements that can accommodate you and your child, and you need to show the court that you know all the minute details about your child, such as his or her favorite teacher, friends, favorite activities and more.

Though you may want to fight against your ex to ensure that you reach the custody outcomes you desire, you may want to remember that you could look more favorable to the court if you show a willingness to work with the other parent to encourage a continued relationship between that parent and your child. It can be a difficult journey, but with legal support, you can work toward your goals.