The probability of divorce after remarriage

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Divorce

When Florida couples remarry, they usually hope this is the match that will last a lifetime. However, statistics present a different picture that may lead to some concern as the rates for divorce in second, third or later marriages increase with each new union.

The reality of divorce

The rate of divorce for couples who are in their first marriage is about 50%. However, for those in second marriages, the rate increases to 67% and goes even higher, to 74%, for people in their third marriages.

Family has a significant impact on a marriage

People who remarry create a blended family that can include relationships with stepchildren, ex-spouses, other family members and in-laws. Some of these relationships may create additional pressure for the new couple, especially if there is tension between the new spouse and the stepchildren or if there are still issues with a spouse’s ex-partner.

Other factors that may lead to divorce

There are other factors that may threaten the longevity of second or subsequent marriages. These include financial matters, such as alimony or child support payments. Another factor may be feelings and issues left over from the previous divorce, which may complicate the success of the new marriage.

How to have a successful marriage

When people remarry, they should do so with a clear head. Individuals should remember that there are things they can do to work towards a successful marriage. These include:

  • Open communication between the spouses
  • Working hard at their marriage
  • Patience with their new spouse
  • Offering understanding and love to their new spouse

Many individuals who remarry may also just have a different attitude towards what they are willing to accept in their new relationships. In those situations, a person may find it worthwhile to consult with a family law lawyer who may provide guidance about the divorce process.