Prepping ahead of a child custody hearing is a great idea

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Child Custody & Visitation

Florida residents who are preparing for a child custody hearing know that they have to be prepared if they want the hearing to go their way. Custody hearings can be set up between divorcing parents or even between parents who were never married. The ultimate goal is to set up a custody situation that works best for the child. Preparing for a child custody hearing can help parents put their best foot forward.

What are some things parents can do to prepare for the hearings?

One way that parents should prepare for a child custody hearing is to get all of their documents and records together. This collection should include items like receipts for childcare, classes, email records, and anything that can show that they’ve been an active and caring parent in their children’s lives. Actual, documented proof is much more helpful than simply telling the judge what they’ve done.

Another thing parents can do to prepare for their hearings is to make sure that they practice what they’re going to say. Presenting their side clearly and calmly may work in their favor because it shows the court that they’re responsible and well-prepared. Being well-prepared also helps them avoid becoming overly emotional. Family courts are looking for facts, and they expect parents to be reasonable. Practicing answering questions with their lawyers may help them feel more comfortable when going before the judge.

Parents should also consider getting character references. A character reference from people who know the parent well may go a long way toward helping present the parent in the best possible light. The parent should choose people of reputable character who know him or her well and who have been privy to his or her relationship with the child.

Who can parents reach out to for help with a custody hearing?

Child custody hearings require preparation. Parents who are prepping for a child custody hearing may benefit from working with attorneys who have family law experience.