Tips to beat a trespassing charge

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Criminal Defense

If you are charged with criminal trespassing in Florida, you can face significant fines, jail time, and probation. Also, as a crime, it will appear on any background check you submit for a job, housing or anything else, which may keep you from receiving it. 

Because of the consequences that a conviction for trespassing can have on your life and freedom, it’s important to know what potential defenses you can use. Here are some options:

It wasn’t you

When it comes to trespassing charges, many arrests are made based on images captured on security cameras. Unfortunately, the images aren’t always high resolution, which means there could be a situation of improper identification. If you know you were not present on the property at the time the event occurred, you can establish an alibi, which can help prove where you were. 

No notice

If you went onto a property with no signs posted regarding trespassers, you might be able to use the defense that you didn’t know you weren’t allowed there. There are set rules regarding trespassing signs in Florida, and a property owner must follow these to prove someone was properly notified that they should not enter. If you can prove no signs were present and didn’t know you weren’t allowed to be there, your case may be thrown out. 


Did you enter the property in question to prevent harm or death to you, a family member, or someone else? If so, you can use this as a viable defense for the trespassing charge. 

Fighting Florida trespassing charges

There’s no question that being convicted of trespassing in Florida can come with serious consequences. Because of this, you must know what type of defense options you have. Some of the best defenses for these cases can be found above.