Make these 3 commitments in co-parenting

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Child Custody & Visitation

Transitioning from a romantic relationship to a co-parenting relationship isn’t easy. The focus moves from love for each other to love for the children. As you’re making this change, you need to be sure that you’re doing things in the way that’s best for the kids.

Having a core set of rules to follow for the new parenting relationship can help everyone to adjust better. These can be built into the parenting plan so both adults know what they should do and how to handle situations that arise.

Mature communication

Mature communication in co-parenting makes it easier for the adults to get along so they can raise the children. Always communicate directly with each other and never try to send messages through the kids. This reduces the chance of miscommunication and makes the situation bearable for the children.

Mutual respect

Respect must be present in a co-parenting relationship. Neither adult should speak ill of the other. The children should see a parenting team that’s almost businesslike instead of having to deal with two adults who are acting immaturely.

Effective compromise

Compromise is crucial in co-parenting. As long as this is based on what’s best for the children, it’s a great idea. Avoid the temptation to keep track of who’s “winning”  and focus on just loving your children and raising them to become productive adults.

Ideally, you’ll get the parenting plan set quickly after you split up. This makes it easier for the children to adjust to the new way of life because it provides stability for them. Getting the terms set based on what the children need now is imperative and you can modify the terms as they mature and those needs evolve.