Don’t keep sensitive topics from your divorce representative

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce is an emotionally charged process that benefits enormously from open communication with your legal representative. However, there may be sensitive topics you hesitate to bring up.

Unfortunately, withholding information can harm you in the divorce. Your representative is there to advocate for your best interests, and confidentiality protects your disclosures.

Areas to discuss honestly

You don’t need to report every issue that arose during your marriage or breakup, but if it could harm or improve your case, your representative should know about it. Here are some examples to consider sharing:

  • Domestic violence or abuse – to help secure your and your family’s safety
  • Co-parent concerns – to help ensure that your children are safe when in the care of your co-parent
  • Financial issues – to help ensure that all assets, including those your spouse tried to hide, are disclosed
  • Mental health concerns – to help ensure that you are treated fairly by the family court system
  • Substance abuse issues – to understand and mitigate its possible effect on child-related divorce matters
  • Unconventional marriage terms – to identify how an open marriage or alternative lifestyle might influence divorce proceedings

Adultery on either spouse’s part is also a worthy topic for discussion. You can get a no-fault divorce in Florida, which means that neither spouse needs grounds to obtain a divorce. However, infidelity could impact property division and spousal support decisions by the court.

Openly addressing these matters with your legal representative prevents uncomfortable surprises from erupting in the middle of your divorce. It also prepares your legal team to mitigate the fallout (if any) after sensitive courtroom disclosures.