Can you minimize the cost of a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Divorce

Ask anybody who has been there, and they’ll tell you: Divorce is expensive. While a divorce can theoretically be accomplished for a few hundred dollars in filing fees, the average cost of a divorce in Florida is actually $10,409 per person – not per couple. 

That’s a wallet-wrenching statistic to be sure, and many people on the cusp of a marital split look for ways to minimize their costs. If you’re among them, here are two tips that may help:

Be organized and keep track of the details

The more organized your approach to the divorce process, the less legal assistance you may need. Essentially, the more you are willing to do your own “footwork” on your divorce, the more you can lower your legal fees. 

Get all your financial records together, including bank statements, tax returns, property records and a complete list of debts. If you need to reach out to appraisers so that you know what certain assets are worth, keep track of your communications. That will help avoid problems that can cause costly delays in proceedings. 

Commit to compromise and get an uncontested divorce

The number one thing you can do to minimize the cost of a divorce is to work with your spouse to come to an agreement on all major issues so that your divorce can be settled without litigation. 

When couples can’t agree on the terms of their split, including the division of the marital assets and debts, all custody issues and any matters of support, the court has to get involved. The motions, hearings, depositions and trials can all cause the associated legal fees to spiral. 

Finally, you have to remember that every divorce is different. Talking your situation over with someone with experience can help you gain a more realistic idea of what your divorce will actually cost, and that can help you strategize appropriately.