Children of divorce need support and understanding

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Divorce

Whether they grow up in Florida or any other state, children can experience both short and long-term trauma after their parents get divorced. However, parents can take steps to help their kids adjust to their new circumstances in a positive and healthy manner. For instance, parents can make time to listen to what their children have to say and validate their feelings. This is important whether those feelings are positive or negative.

Parents should not burden their children with the drama or stress that they may feel. Instead, kids should be allowed to remain kids for as long as possible. This means allowing them to spend time with their friends regardless of what the parenting plan says. It can be worthwhile to seek out other families that have gone through a divorce for advice on how to handle conflicts with the child’s other parent. Children should never be made to feel as if the divorce was their fault.

Furthermore, they should never be made to feel as if they have to choose between one parent or the other. Parents should never say anything mean or negative about each other while in the presence of their kids. This can help to keep both parents and children focused on creating a positive environment that allows everyone to thrive.

Parents may want to resolve their divorce amicably for the sake of their children. Those who are on friendly terms with each other may be able to create a divorce settlement through private negotiations or mediation. If a couple made a prenuptial agreement, its terms would determine who gets marital assets or if either party is entitled to spousal support. However, child custody and support issues might still need to be resolved in family court.