Is your child’s mental health a custody concern?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Child Custody & Visitation

Having a child undoubtedly changed your world. You may have never known that you could love someone as much as you love your child and would never want anything to hurt him or her. Unfortunately, you and the other parent reached a point in your relationship where you no longer wanted to stay married. Now, you wonder how to reach the best custody arrangements.

In some cases, custody proceedings can become tense. You may feel like many other Florida parents who believe that sole custody would be best for your child for a variety of reasons. Of course, you also know that fighting for sole custody can be difficult.

Is your child’s mental health a concern?

More often these days, issues pertaining to mental health come up in various capacities. The increased focus on anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions has helped reduce negative stigma relating to these conditions and has allowed people to receive the help they need. This increase in awareness and information may have also allowed you to notice when your child was exhibiting signs of anxiety or other mental health concerns.

You may have spent a considerable amount of time nurturing your child’s mental health and ensuring that he or she did what was necessary to keep symptoms under control. Just like any other health concern, you may have taken your child to a professional for evaluation and diagnosis. As a result, you were able to determine what your child needed.

More involved than the other parent

You may consider yourself more involved in your child’s mental health journey than the other parent. This detail may be one that is fueling your desire for sole custody. After all, you know what your child needs to maintain his or her good mental health, and you may worry that the other parent will not know what to do to handle those special needs.

If this is a concern you have, you may wonder how you can best present your reasoning to the court. Fortunately, you can work with an experienced family law attorney who can assess your circumstances and help you come to the best presentation for working toward the child custody outcomes you desire. The well-being of your child is undoubtedly a top priority to you and showing that to the court could make a considerable difference in your case.