Strategies successful co-parents have used after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2020 | Child Custody & Visitation

Raising children successfully after a divorce involves Florida parents using healthy co-parenting strategies to meet new challenges. Whether a couple was married for just a year or decades, they will navigate new waters as they deal with their own pain and help their children cope after a divorce.

The issues that led to a divorce can cause ex-spouses to have trouble communicating with each other. This may lead them to use their children as messengers. This could be damaging to the children and lead to messages being relayed incorrectly. It is more beneficial for the adults to speak directly to one another. Communicating through email or online tools can help to maintain peace and avoid misunderstandings.

It is common for children to feel insecure after a divorce. One helpful co-parenting strategy is to try to stay united as possible when it comes to daily schedules and rules that are used in each parent’s home. Maintaining consistency will help children feel safe and lay the groundwork for helping them to develop into healthy adults.

One aspect of a divorce that can be painful for a parent is not spending as much time with his or her children, which can lead him or her to miss out on important moments in his or her children’s lives. Co-parents can help each other cope with this pain by taking pictures of these important moments, like their child’s latest piece of art, and sending them to each other.

Even when a person gives co-parenting and a parenting schedule that has been laid out by the court his or her best effort, he or she may have serious concerns about his or her children spending time with his or her ex-spouse. In this situation, a person may want to speak with an attorney. A lawyer may inform an individual about the options he or she has regarding changes to child custody and the steps that need to be taken to begin the process.