3 leading reasons why women initiate 70% of divorces

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Divorce

According to the American Sociological Association, 70% of divorces happen because the women in the marriages want out. The reasons motivating these female-driven divorces in Florida involve career challenges, emotional labor and intolerance of bad behavior.

Many wives work jobs outside of the home, but household chores and responsibilities continue to burden them much more than their husbands even when both spouses work full time. Responses to a U.S. Bureau of Labor survey from 2019 revealed that 49% of women did domestic work every day whereas only 20% of men reported doing so. Outside of the issue of housework, husbands of women with flourishing careers sometimes feel distressed. In situations like these, women sometimes decide that they no longer need their marriages.

Therapists and psychologists also note that emotional labor typically falls on women. Wives often are the only source of emotional support for their husbands, which could make men less likely to end their marriages. Women, on the other hand, usually have more access to emotional support from friends and relatives.

Infidelity has long been a source of divorce, but other types of bad behavior, like becoming controlling or abusive as time goes on, motivate some women to end their marriages as well. This intolerance has become more pervasive in the modern day because wives want their marriages to meet certain expectations of fidelity and respect.

The reasons that lead to the decision to get a divorce will eventually give way to planning the details of the split. Due to the financial choices that must be made during the division of property, a person might want to learn how the law applies to retirement savings, business assets or Social Security benefits. A family law attorney may investigate the person’s financial situation and advocate for the person’s needs during settlement negotiations with a former spouse.