Don’t let a manipulative spouse outsmart you in your divorce

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Divorce

When you get divorced, you hope that your spouse will act maturely and fairly, be honest and not stoop to tactics that deliberately make you look bad. Unfortunately, however, you might have been married to someone who always wants the upper hand – and will do just about anything to get it. The divorce may turn out to showcase the very worst of their cunning behavior.

That could be their personality or they could be getting back at you for your role in the break-up. What is important to remember is that you do not have to fall victim to their maneuvers. With a little forethought and planning, you can steer clear of your ex’s nasty strategies and maintain your cool. 

What schemes might your spouse resort to?

You may be so overwhelmed that you don’t pay adequate attention to what your spouse is up to. These are just some examples of what they could be trying to do:

  • Not giving you enough time to study key court documents before approving them
  • Taking financial advantage of you
  • Harping on minor, trivial matters so you can’t concentrate on the real issues
  • Cleverly distorting the facts in their own favor, thus putting you on the defensive

Doing things to make the divorce proceeding even more messy and sluggish than it has to be. That might encourage you to make concessions you otherwise would not just to get the whole thing over with.

Bypass your ex’s calculating antics

Gear up in advance for whatever your spouse may dish out. Divorce can be rough; they may be aiming to make it even more distressing for you than it has to be. Keep your mind on your own well-being and surround yourself with capable people who care about you.