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Protect Your Property During Your Florida Divorce. Our Punta Gorda Attorneys Can Help.

In Florida, a divorcing couple’s property and assets are subject to equitable distribution. Under the law, all marital property will be divided equally between the spouses. Unless the couple has a legally binding agreement (such as a prenuptial agreement) stating otherwise, all assets, property, and debts acquired during the union fall under the category of marital property. Separate property is not subject to equitable distribution, and includes assets and debts obtained before the marriage or received by one spouse as gifts or inheritance during the marriage.

If you are unsure whether your valuable property is subject to equitable distribution, contact a Punta Gorda divorce attorney for guidance and to enlist powerful advocacy.

Factors Courts Use To Divide Marital Property In A Florida Divorce

During divorce proceedings, couples can work together to create an agreement that states how their property will be divided. In many cases, however, divorcing spouses are not able to agree on the division of their property and the court must decide for them. Although marital property is typically divided equally, the judge has the discretion to award additional property to one spouse in light of relevant circumstances.

Some of the factors the judge will take into consideration include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s overall financial situation
  • Each spouse’s contributions to the marriage as an income-earner, parent, or homemaker
  • Each spouse’s debts and liabilities
  • Whether one spouse intentionally wasted or destroyed marital assets after the divorce petition was filed or within two years before the filing of the petition

Let Us Be Your Advocate

f you are going through divorce, our experienced lawyers at Leskovich Law Group, P.A. can advocate on your behalf during equitable distribution proceedings. We understand the importance of retaining your property and assets after your marriage has been dissolved, because your finances could be significantly impacted.

Our experienced lawyers can protect your rights during your divorce and present compelling evidence to the court on your behalf. Regardless of your financial circumstances, it is imperative to make sure you have the representation of a skilled legal counselor on your side during your property division hearing.

Call 941-621-6623 to discuss your options and the benefits of obtaining our proven advocacy.